28 April 2018


Hi guys!

I've been totally missing from this blog for almost 3 months since my latest entry published on February 2018! I remembered that I once said I will keep updating my blog more frequently, bla bla bla... But, ended up almost 3 months I stopped blogging 😞.

The main reason was I have no content to discuss about. When there was nothing to share, I'd set my mind set that I shouldn't blog. The truth is, I am lazy to find a suitable content. A symptom of procrastinator I guess 😅

So, what's bringing me back here?

Currently I'm addicted and totally attached to some vlogs on Youtube. I'm sort of planning to do vlogs too, but when I re-think and realized (and expecting) that the vlog will ended up like my blog too (not updated). Thus I decided to cancelled my intention of producing my own vlog and  I should continue with what I have, my lovely blog, Ayokedo (I hope so! 😂)

So, here I am. Planning to make my blog as my vlog but in written manner. Thus I can learn to construct my content very well. AND, I decided to start blogging in English, being universal  and I believe my Malaysian readers are good enough to read Malaysian-English style blog. I hope so! Please support me. Please comment for a better me.

Enough for the intro I guess. See you guys in my next entry(s) soon!

Thanks and bye!

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